13 AUGUST 2023

Transylvania Cycling Challenge

Team ride!

Let’s get the party started by pushing the pedals at Transylvania Cycling Challenge!

Come and meet other Schwinn Cycling enthusiasts!

We bring you super instructors and good music on stage, you share your energy to enjoy an unforgettable experience together.









Evolving emotion

You can feel the energy even if you only sit comfortably on the couch and watch the way we had fun so far.



Take part in a precious event, organized out of passion! We pedal united and in the end we indulge ourselves with a wide smile for a memorable selfie, all dressed in the official Transylvania Cycling Challenge equipment, as top teams do.



(TITLE) Workshop - TO BE ANNOUNCED (2.5 Schwinn Credits)
Trainer : LOU ATKINSON (Lead Master Trainer Schwinn Cycling UK)

Taught in : English

This education is available only for certified Schwinn® Cycling instructors

09:00 – 13:00 Heart Cycling Studio / ONLINE with ZOOM


(TITLE) Workshop - TO BE ANNOUNCED(2.5 Schwinn Credits)
Trainer: JORGE MARTINS (Master Trainer Schwinn Cycling Portugal)

Taught in : English
This education is available for only certified Schwinn® Cycling instructors

14:00 – 18:00 Heart Cycling Studio / ONLINE with ZOOM


Grab a bite, load up before the long ride!

10:00 - 11:00 Castle Inn terrace

The celebration of those who love the Schwinn® Cycling concept

Cycling program: 12:00 - 20:30 One session lasts about 50 minutes and the next one starts at fixed time (almost 10 minute breaks) Total duration: 8 hours

Dinner from 21:00, Fleur du Flavors restaurant, Castle Inn

12:00 - 20:30 Castle Inn



Reserve your place now!
Bring a friend, find someone, #RideTogether!


All people who are passionate about exercise and cycling, including instructors. Sessions held by instructors and Master Instructors, both from Romania and from other European countries.

The minimum age for participation is 18 years.

7th Edition


Useful information

The event is open to all sport people, cycling and Schwinn Cycling enthusiasts. Each instructor teaches in a session alongside another instructor (team teaching system), the total duration being approximately 8 hours.

Unique opportunity to see multiple teaching styles and diverse sessions in a great atmosphere.

The training is completed with adjacent elements: drums (accompanying the music used by the instructors), LED display and live transmissions, special tent, top sound system.

On the day before the event, 2 Schwinn Cycling workshops are held, delivered by 2 Guest Master Trainers.

Certified Schwinn Cycling Instructors will have the opportunity to accumulate both knowledge and credits on their profile by attending one or both workshops, which will be announced as related to the event.

2 Schwinn Cycling workshops are held the day before the event, taught by 2 Guest Master Trainers.

Schwinn Cycling certified instructors will have the opportunity to accumulate both knowledge and credits on their profile, by participating in one or both workshops, which will be announced as related to the event.

  • Schwinn Cycling International event
  • You get to learn and celebrate the shared passion for cycling,
    ride, hang out and socialize with instructors you've been following for a while or will meet here.
  • You meet old friends and make new acquaintances
  • You have fun, relax, escape the city, but also train together with friends/family/colleagues.
  • This is like a continuous workshop for instructors, who will exchange experience.
  • Opportunity for you and companions to discover the area, visit the internationally recognized Silvania Winery & cellars, which is right next to the event location.
  • 8 hours of Schwinn Cycling in 8 sessions taught by Presenters (Master Instructors and Gold Level Instructors - Schwinn® Cycling)
  • 7 team-teach classes (2 presenters/class) + final class = MASTER RIDE (Presenters & Participants RIDE AS ONE, using the same TCC2023 equipment)
  • Party atmosphere with drums (accompaniment to the music used by the instructors), LED behind the stage, tent, top sound system;
  • Snack (food before starting the cycling program)
  • Dinner (optional for a fee)
  • Access to the changing rooms and showers of the In Shape Gym (located behind the stage)
  • Water and snacks throughout the event
  • Raffles during breaks between cycling classes
  • Participation kit: brunch (before pedaling), TCC 2023 technical cycling jersey, premium quality (provided by our partner Bellotto), bars, reserved bike (with your names marked) and access wristband for each of the 2 teams riders.
  • BPA-free Watter bottle special Transylvania Cycling Challenge.
  • When filling out the registration form, you choose both the size of the shirt and the size of the pants, if you want to order them for a fee, to have the complete set TCC2023
  • Rider & Refresh Zone where you can purchase cycling accessories and equipment and accessories, etc.
  • For those not participating in the event or companions, on Saturday we recommend visiting the Silvania winery which is right next to the event location. INFO:
    • 180 EUR (900 lei)/bike (total for the team of 2 participants)
    • Participation requires a team of 2 people/bike. Specifically, 2 people use 1 bike for 8 hours and divide their hours between them as they wish.
    • The full name of the participants is included on the allocated bike after validation of the registration.
    • Bikes will be allocated based on the date and time of the registration. So the earlier you sign up, the closer you are to the stage!
  • DINNER (after the cycling sessions):
    • 30 EUR (150 lei)/person (at the time of registration, tick the option for nominal reservation and payment at the location)
    • Each participant receives included in the Rider Pack a cycling jersey worth 95 EUR (check the desired size at the time of registration). Please select the size carefully because it is not possible to change you already ordered jersey.
    • In addition, you can also opt for cycling pants with the same TCC2023 design (to be paid at event check-in). Cycling pants are available in the following variants: Short = 420 lei, 3/4 = 470 lei, Long = 520 lei.

*the rates mentioned above include VAT.

  • CANCELLATION OPTIONS (event participation fee):
    • 90 days before event = 100% refund
    • 60 before event = 50% return
    • 30 before the event = 0% return

Depending on your preffered method of travel :

  • FLY to Cluj-Napoca Airport + car transfer (110 km, 2h) to event location
  • FLY to Oradea Airport + car transfer (90km, 1.5 h) to event location
  • FLY to Budapest Airport + car transfer (380km, 4 h) to event location
  • FLY to Debrecen Airport + car transfer (120km, 2 h) to event location

Event Location : CASTLE INN. Partizanilor Street. No. 43/A, Șimleu Silvaniei, Sălaj, România, 455300. 

For accommodation in the area, we recommend : 

Pensiunea Castle Inn :

Pensiunea Silva :

Pensiunea Randra :

Pensiunea Atlante :

Schwinn Cycling Education @ TCC 2023

INFO & Registration LINK will be available very soon !

Schwinn Cycling Weight Management Workshop

Continuing Education - 3 Credits - HANA ŠTĚPÁNKOVÁ

Schwinn Cycling can be an effective tool to support participants in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about the "best" way to burn calories, reduce body fat, and boost your metabolism. This workshop will enable instructors to avoid misinformation and create evidence-based training programs for indoor cyclists that provide effective weight management. The training also covers the basics of good nutrition, energy balance, and behavior change strategies needed to guide participants on how to safely and sustainably achieve their desired weight loss. Importantly, the workshop takes a non-stigmatizing, inclusive approach to weight and health. In this 4-hour workshop led by Master Trainer HANA ŠTĚPÁNKOVÁ you will be able to find practical answers to many of the questions that arise when you know that the objective of some people participating in your sessions is weight control and you want to apply the best methods through training that aim to achieve the objectives. Hana has extensive experience as a Schwinn Cycling educator and as well experience in strength & bodybuilding. For online participants, the bike is not mandatory.

Date and duration : 13.08.2022 from 09:00 to 13:00

Attendance at Heart Cycling Studio or ONLINE via ZOOM

Schwinn Cycling Designed for Success Workshop

Continuing Education - 3 Credits - ARNAU CANET BILBAO

This new 4-hour workshop is intended to refresh and at the same time enhance the knowledge of Schwinn Cycling instructors in terms of content elements, teaching and the process of creating classes. You will learn about how you can build an exceptional Schwinn Cycling class by respecting the intensity zones, using various design tools as well as how to identify the right music to achieve the desired compilation through various innovative programs. The powerful combination of the Schwinn coaching pyramid and step-by-step class planning process allows instructors to create an infinite amount of inspirational cycling session designs based on scientifically proven principles. In this workshop led by ARNAU CANET BILBAO, one of the most experienced and well-known Master Trainers both in Europe and Latin America, you will be able to receive top tips from him on how to succeed in incredible classes from a technical point of view as well as of delivery both in the studio and for large-scale events. Arnau is very passionate about music and has in-depth studies in this field, and this awards him the opportunity to share valuable musical knowledge to those who will meet him. For online participants, the bike is not mandatory.

Date and duration : 13.08.2022 from 14:00 to 18:00

Attendance at Heart Cycling Studio or ONLINE via ZOOM





Partizanilor 43A, Șimleu Silvaniei, Sălaj, România, 4553300. Tel: +40745673460,


0745673460 / 0752181084